A closer look at a Million Dollar Investment

Allan Dykstra  1B

Allan is a big guy. I mean a really big guy. 6’5″ 215, though he looks like he carries a bit more weight than that. Nonetheless the point to understand is that he is an imposing figure on the baseball field. He dwarfs the rest of the infield, who barely crack 5’11” , and I doubt that those numbers are honest. The guy looks like a ball player. His name even has that major league pedigree, though he bears no relation to the former Philly Lenny. He has the sort of physique that is deceptive because his physicality seems to imply a natural talent for the game. Unfortunately, his stature seems to be the only thing keeping him on the Storm. Continue reading


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Well that was certainly exciting

9 to 4. That is what I was staring at going into the bottom of the 8th inning.

9 to 4. I was getting ready to leave, because who cares if the Storm lose, the tickets don’t cost me much, and the lovely company I was keeping was getting awfully cold.” Just to the end of this inning” I say. I had soured on this bloodletting somewhere in the fifth, but Im not the kind of guy who can really leave before the end of a game, so we stayed.

And damn, am I glad to be that kind of guy. Continue reading


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I wish I had more to say on tonight’s festivities, but frankly it panned out exactly as I had expected. Continue reading

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A Guy To Pay Attention To

It’s already my third post and I haven’t even talked about any of the teams current players. This is a really exciting time for Padres minor leaguers. Granted, there are no world beaters but there are a handful of guys who could crack a major league roster within the next couple years.

SS Drew Cumberland

Probably my favorite player on the team at this time. Cumberland shows a lot of promise as future major leaguer, as a bat and hopefully a plus fielder. Continue reading


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Manny is gonna be in Manny in Lake Elsinore tomorrow, doing his rehab stint with the Inland Empire 66ers. Don’t expect a Willy Mays Hayes-esque hitting display though. For whatever reason, power hitters never manage to produce at an all-star level when they visit the Diamond. For example, when Adrian Gonzalez was here for a Padres-Storm exhibition game, he couldn’t even muster more than a single, and yet, somehow, Matt Stairs legged out a double on plastic knees. ¬†Hopefully, ManRam can produce some excitement tomorrow night though. I’ll be there so either tomorrow night or Wednesday I will post pictures and do a trip report. Also I am going to heckle him mercilessly, so if somehow you make it out to the game, I’ll be the guy being hauled out by security.

I'm going to break him

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Here are a few things

You’re reading this because for whatever reason you find pedantic details of a High A Padres affiliate interesting, or you find me wildly hilarious, or you’re my father and you want to pick a fight with me about RBIs. Nonetheless, I appreciate your attention, because I need validation and none of my friends care enough about sports to talk to me. Continue reading

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